A fresher perspective

The Penciling template redraws the usual blogger templates in a more natural way. May be, this is as natural as it can get.

This design features hand drawn lines and doodles for most of the template elements. Furthermore, there are painted colors! Despite the simplicity, this template is also full featured. Unless you want to get too serious in your blog, Penciling will just suit you.

So here's the Penciling template, to all those people for whom life is a creamy cup of chocolate drink. :)

You may want to see a test post

If you have a problem with installing the template, or if you want to know some tips and tricks, see the Quick Reference:
1. Installation
2. Essentials and Best practices
3. Customization 

Liked it? Didn't like it? Do give your feedback. Drop me a line here


This is a test post

This is a normal paragraph.
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This is a blockquote.
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This is how an image looks like:

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